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Gilco Building Services Pty Ltd commenced trading in 1991. Our vast experience in the roofing, cladding, ventilation and skylight industries is unmatched.

Gilco provides free quotations on all types of commercial and residential roofing works. We specialize in providing ongoing maintenance solutions to reduce faults and greatly improve the life expectancy of any roof.

Cleaning the roof and gutters of all buildings is essential at least once a year. Insurance companies can refuse claims if proven there were large amounts of flammable debris on a building’s roof. Our service includes a free comprehensive roof and gutter report that provides cost estimates and photos so that customers can get further independent quotes and compare.


Residential & Commercial roof ventilation systems, including both traditional wind driven (whirlybird) and Terminator venturi ventilators. We can design systems for both homes and commercial premises. We have fitted approximately 3000+ ventilation systems in Western Australia. We can also provide cyclone rated systems to meet any regional category.

Your Safety and Ours 

Working at heights is a serious matter and we at Gilco continually strive to maintain and improve safety. Our senior management staff have had decades of OHS experience directly related to the roofing industry.

All works are guaranteed to conform with all BCA codes, relevant Australian Standards and all Worksafe regulations.

At Gilco Pty Ltd, we guarantee the best service, price and quality on all our products and workmanship. Gilco maintains certificates of coverage for, Workers Compensation, Public Liability and Product Liability policies. Certificates of currency available on request.

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