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The ventilation revolution

With the event of COVID-19, ventilation has been thrust into the spotlight. Most buildings in Australia are poorly ventilated and proper ventilation is clearly gaining importance as a logical preventive solution.

Many countries around the world are now proactively improving building standards to include more effective ventilation systems for new structures and methods to retrofit existing buildings.

Schools and nursing homes are of particular importance due to close proximity in common areas such as classrooms and activity areas. Former Victorian Premier, Ted Baillieu recently called for a national ventilation task force with the aim of urgent policy change.

Former Victorian premier Ted Baillieu says ‘ventilation is as important as vaccination’

The fact remains that many buildings including hotels, apartment buildings and office complexes are poorly ventilated and it has been reported that air quality in many sites is much worse than recommended current standards.

Many experts from around the world have expressed serious concern for the current status quo and several European and Asian Administrations are taking note by mandating clean air laws. The USA has also joined the choir with a $130 billion schools package that includes funding to ventilate schools.

WHO Advisor Professor Lidia Morawska

The Professor compared what she called a revolutionary push to ventilate our community to the sanitation awakening in the 19th century, before which people were unaware that polluted water systems were causing things like cholera epidemics.

It was further stated that the cost of constructing better ventilated buildings would be outweighed by the economic benefit associated with a healthier society.

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