Over 20% better performance

for the home
or workplace

Whirlybird Terminated

In performance, our tests have proven that a Terminator roof vent can outperform Spinning/whirly type vents by over 20%.

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Gilco are designers & manufacturers of the Terminator range of roof ventilators.

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Terminator 300 $285
Terminator 300
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Terminator 500 $540
Terminator 500
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Terminator 700 $850
Terminator 700
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Frequently asked questions

Can Terminator roof vents be fitted to any type of roof?
Yes Terminator Roof Vents can be installed to most types of roofs, including tiled, aluminium and steel roofing.
Do Terminators use any electricity?
Terminator Roof vents do not require any electricity, they utilize natural wind and thermal energy.
How many Terminators will I need?
This will depend on the size and height of your building. Speak to a Gilco representative to discuss your requirements.
Do Terminators make any noise?
Terminators have no moving parts and are totally noise free. Terminators come with a lifetime replacement warranty.
Can I install a Terminator myself – DIY?
Accessing the roof of any building requires extreme caution and specialised equipment. Gilco recommends that a qualified roofing contractor install the product. Contact Gilco today to receive an installation estimate.