Industrial Roof Vents

Any building should have roof vents, it is not just homes that benefit from them. These vents are placed so that the hot air that rises in the property and hangs around in the roof space has somewhere to be released while dryer and cooler air is let in. For commercial and industrial properties you would want to consider industrial roof vents to handle the heat and output caused by the machinery and such inside. When you are not paying attention to the heat in your roof space it can cause a number of issues. Gilco offers a Terminator series of vents for you to consider to meet your needs.

Why you should invest in Industrial Roof Vents

If you do not already have roof ventilation here is a look at why it is something to consider seriously for your home or property.

  1. Hot air rises and gets trapped under the roof. That is not just making it hotter up there, it impacts the heat of the whole property making it less efficient. Vents in the roof lower the temperature in the roof and the rest of the property. This makes it more comfortable to live in.
  2. The reduction in heat also has the added benefits of lowering how much you spend on cooling and the stress being placed on your air conditioner. This makes your home more energy efficient while saving you money on the bills and on air conditioner repairs and replacement.
  3. Our efficient air vents use passive ventilation. The airflow is completely natural not using mechanics or power. This means it is silent and effective. Call Gilco and we can make your property more comfortable.
  4. Using air vents is a great way to improve the air quality in the property so you are breathing clean air and the pollutants in the air are removed. This makes it better for anyone who suffers from allergies or with breathing issues like asthma.
  5. With the best roof ventilation Australia has, Gilco Building Services you don’t have mechanical fans draining more energy and you get a natural way to achieve better airflow.
  6. Using the right ventilation means you are keeping your property safe to work or live in. The humidity leads to condensation up there when it is not vented and that can lead to mould or mildew to form. It does not stay up in the roof, it works its way into the rest of the property and that is a health risk as well as causing damage to the property. It is also very hard to remove when it happens, venting is more affordable and easier to prevent the issue in the first place.


There are a lot of factors to think about when you are choosing roof vents, whether you are looking at industrial roof vents or something for your home. The benefits are the same for the property and the property owner either way. At Gilco we can ensure you get the right vent and help you with making the best choice for your needs.

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