Roof Ventilation Brisbane

If you are looking for roof ventilation experts you cannot do better than Gilco Building Services. We have over 30 years of experience! Something our roof ventilation Brisbane based clients can attest to. With our professionals helping you can reduce the temperature, as well as lower the humidity. This means no issues with mould and dampness, lower energy bills and being more comfortable in your home. We offer highly effective options that are also cost-effective.

Understanding the importance of Roof Ventilation

Heat rises and if there is nowhere for it to go when it gets to the roof space, then there it stays. This causes the temperature in the home to go up and it can also lead to other issues. Calling Gilco Building Services will mean the hot air and the moisture will be removed and replaced with cooler, drier air.

When you have humidity in the roof space it leads to condensation that can cause problems such as mildew and mould. It can also come down to the areas of the home people are using. Rather than having to handle that difficult concern, have us in to look at roof ventilation Brisbane options.

You cannot understate how hot it can get especially in the summer. When you have more than 70 degrees Celsius up there it leads to your air conditioning units working over time. This reduces their lifespan and causes your energy bills to rise.

A list of benefits

• Operates silently
• Cost effective
• Energy-efficient
• Prevents humidity from causing mould
• Saves your air conditioning system from being overworked
• Increases the life of your roof
• Benefits are long-lasting not just short term
• Improves the air quality in the home
• Reduces the costs of both cooling and heating
• Decrease the temperature in the roof space

Reach out!

If you call 08 9356 2906 or email us at and we will get back to you swiftly to talk about your options in roof ventilation.