Roof Ventilation Perth

With more than three decades in the field of roof ventilation and some of the best professionals in the area, when you have questions about roof ventilation Perth you should talk to Gilco Building Services. Whether you are looking to lower your energy bills, improve your energy efficiency or reduce the temperature in your home, we can help. Take advantage of one of our effective natural roof ventilation options that can also help avoid issues of damp and mould as well.

Thinking About Roof Ventilation

If you are finding your home is too warm and you can feel it is hotter upstairs, this is because as the heat rises in a property where the roof has no ventilation it has nowhere to go. Gilco can provide free expert advice to ensure the hot air and dampness are taken care of and cool, dry air replaces it.

Terminator roof vents can also help prevent mould and mildew in your home by utilising thermal energy. The humidity turns to condensation that then leads to these issues and it does not stay in the roof. With proper roof ventilation Perth experts, you can halt this worrying issue.

When you are working your air conditioning system too hard there are consequences. You have to replace it sooner and you pay more on your bills. This is because an unventilated space means temperatures as high as 70 degrees Celsius in the roof space during the summer.

A list of benefits

• Operates silently
• Cost effective
• Energy-efficient
• Prevents humidity from causing mould
• Saves your air conditioning system from being overworked
• Increases the life of your roof
• Benefits are long-lasting not just short term
• Improves the air quality in the home
• Reduces the costs of both cooling and heating
• Decrease the temperature in the roof space

Reach out!

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